What are the conditions to register on the Colow-so website?

- A valid phone number and a valid address to receive your card by mail.

Is it mandatory to have a valid ID to transfer to Colow-so?

- No, but for a certain amount it is mandatory. Colow-so asks its customers to add valid IDs into their accounts before transferring for their own security.

Can I register on the Colow-so website without a cell phone?

- No, the registration process requires a valid phone number and a valid address to receive the Colow-so card.

Can I make a transfer without the Colow-so card?

- No, the Colow-so card is mandatory to transfer with Colow-so. With the Colow-so card, you can transfer for free and have access to other services.

Can I make a transfer with Cash?

- Either by a transfer from your bank account,

- Either by an Interac transfer to transfert@colow-so.com,

- Either through Colow-so offices,

- Either with your credit card

How to get a Colow-so card?

- It's simple ! You only have to go Colow-so's website www.colow-so.com and click on registration. After your registration, you will receive your card at home.

What's the difference between the Colow-so card and a bank card?

- The Colow-so card is a rechargeable card, combined with a fidelity card that you recharge to get money back on every purchase and also get discounts.

- It is not connected to an account such as bank cards.

- It is a free card, no hidden fees.

- You can use it only at partnered stores to make transactions without using your own cards for your security.

- You can transfer money from card to card at no cost.

- You can pay your bills in Africa and recharge your phones

- Each transaction you make with the Colow-so card gives you Colow-so miles.

Is it possible to pay bills in Africa without a valid ID?

- Yes, you just need your Colow-so card.

- It is the same thing to recharge phones.

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