About Colow-so

Colow-so means the house of cowries comes from the words Colow and So. The cowrie (Colow in Bambara) was used as currency in Africa and the rest of the world and So means house in Bambara.

Colow-so Inc. offers you it's free Colow-so card to facilitate your money transfers to mobile phones in Africa, bill payments, phone recharges and purchases in Canada and Africa. This card has several advantages, it allows you to transfer money free of charge to mobile phones in Africa, all the products you buy with the card will be delivered for free, you can stay at home and we can deliver gas to your home, every purchase you make at our partners can have up to 5% return, etc. We also have a point accumulation program for Colow-so miles that allows you to have a free round-trip ticket between Africa and Canada, US and Europe. This diaspora card can be used outside of Canada to shop at our partners in Africa or withdraw money from our partners in Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Niger. The Colow-so card is not a credit card, to buy with the Colow-so card, you will need to transfer money before using it. There are several ways to transfer money to the Colow-so card :

  • - Either by a transfer from your bank account,
  • - Either by an Interac transfer to transfert@colow-so.com,
  • - Either through Colow-so offices,
  • - Either with your credit card
This is not all, by paying your phone, internet and mobile bills with the card, you can get a discount of up to 30% off your bill. We also have a referring system that can reduce your bill to zero dollars. To get the Colow-so card, you will need to fill out the application form on the colow-so.com website available on March 1st. You can sponsor your family members, or employees in Africa by taking cards for them, from Canada, US and Europe, you can directly recharge for them so that they can make withdrawals in our partner banks and make purchases without any fees.

Founder & CEO of Colow-so

Sidy Kouyaté thinks the cost of money transfers are very high in the world especially to Africa. Sending Money Africa should be easier and less expensive for immigrants who share their salary with their parents and relatives. Sidy finds that immigrants are making great efforts to help their parents in Africa and the money transfer should be easier to make, simpler and cheaper for them to get a good exchange rate with less cost.

Expert in Business Intelligence, Sidy graduated in France SUPINFO Paris and has many years of experience in IT.

In his opinion, technology has reached a certain maturity that we can not afford to raise costs and lower money transfer exchange rates in the world. In 2015 he decided to create Colow-so, using his own experiences to meet the needs of immigrants.

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